When Lanex approaches the design or redesign of a web site for a customer we look not only at what our customer would like to see, but also what the intended audience will expect to see and experience. If you went fishing tomorrow, you would not stop on the way to the lake to get fries for bait just because you enjoy them. Rather you would take into account the type of fish you were trying to catch, the environment that the fish are in, the season and time of day and other factors. Those factors and your experience would guide you as you chose your bait. You would likely end up with a bait that was targeted to a fishes appetite and not to your own. Although…mmm fries…

An effective web site should be pleasing to your intended audience with regards to appearance, content, and navigation that will appeal to your “fish”. We all understand that, but how does Lanex work with you to make that happen? Here are some of the factors that we examine.

  1. Understand your audience demographics. Who are they, what is the age range, gender, level of education, and other key elements about them.
  2. Understand the standards and expectations of your industries personality. Middle aged men with college educations buy home loans and pizza, but they expect the image of a bank to be different than a restaurant’s.
  3. Understand your competition, you are not the only one casting in the lake for that first bite, and the fish is probably only going to bite one hook before he leaves the lake. This means that you will need to use the words and phrases that are comprehendible to the intended customer, and also cover what your competition is doing.
  4. Your web site, just like your bait should be fresh, colorful, and appealing. Our award winning design lets you get nibbles (visits) and bites (customers). We spend the time to make sure that your web site stands out from the competition. We believe that if a web site is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

Lanex and our customers collaborate to optimize the look and content of their new web sites to make them as successful as possible. We believe that fishing is fun, but catching is a lot more rewarding. Why not find out what Lanex can do to help you land your daily limit.

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