Our LanexScheduler™ vertical solution is devised for scheduling in the healthcare industry.

Our LanexScheduler™ vertical solution is devised for scheduling in the healthcare industry.

It presents an easier online scheduling process for healthcare professionals. LanexScheduler™ is fully customizable, offering advanced personnel management. It has been designed to relieve physician group practices from the burdens of creating and maintaining staff on-call and daily work schedules.

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LanexScheduler™ is optimized for both single- and multi-site hospital-based physician group practices. It takes advantage of internet connectivity to integrate all the necessary pieces of information utilized in the creation of an on-call schedule. Daily assignment and call schedules are automatically generated and disseminated to end users in minutes over the Internet.

Designed to simplify time management for its users, LanexScheduler™ allows each individual physician to manage their own vacation and no-call requests through a series of self-service online tools. The integration of the existing rules within individual organizations allows for immediate granting or denial of requests. Sophisticated calendaring tools allow for the viewing and printing of physician vacation schedules in monthly and year-at-a-glance formats.

Recognizing the increasing needs of sub-specialization, LanexScheduler™ incorporates each physician sub-specialty profile into the final work schedule. The sub-specialty physician needs of each facility staffed are ensured with LanexScheduler™.

Schedule distribution and viewing functions are vastly improved over traditional methods with LanexScheduler™. Over the Internet, users can select from a menu of viewing options ranging from an individualized schedule to the traditional monthly grid. Everything in between is available including weekly and daily viewing and printing formats.

A series of messaging tools incorporated into LanexScheduler™ improves the communication within the organization by leveraging the existing scheduling information. Important text messages including time-sensitive schedule updates are delivered directly to the physician’s pager.

LanexScheduler™ is a vital tool in scheduling and organizing healthcare professionals.

  • Easily accessible
  • Vacation and no-call request management
  • Scheduling reports allow for equal workloads
  • Easy communication tools
  • Physician sub-specialty management
  • Provider management
  • Sophisticated user profiles