We Are Creative

We Are Creative

The Lanex team brings you creative and experienced designers, problem solvers, developers and support specialists. Our project approach streamlines the development process, facilitating clear communication and timely completion of the work.


Our leadership team at Lanex is made up by the founders and visionaries that keep the company moving in a forward-thinking, innovative, and efficient direction. The leadership team sets the example for the rest of the organization through their true care and dedication to our clients, as well as the quality of the work that is produced.

Matt McCoy
Matt McCoy President
Abby Mathias
Abby Mathias Senior VP of Finance and Administration
Olivia Peters
Olivia Peters VP of Client Services

Project Management

The project management team at Lanex supervises the “life cycle” of your project to ensure that Lanex meets your business needs. These organizational experts are your “point of contact” and manage budget, tasks, and time management throughout the duration of your project.

Leslee Trinastic
Leslee Trinastic Project Manager

Development Team

The development team members are the brains and creativity behind the award-winning projects that Lanex has been delivering since 1999. The ambitious, talented, and focused team is made up of web and software developers, designers, and testers. The many different talents and specialties within this team enable Lanex to provide customers with the high-quality, customized projects that they have been envisioning.

Jeff Bisping
Jeff Bisping Application Developer
Max McCoy
Max McCoy Systems Engineer
Kristan Schmidt
Kristan Schmidt Web Developer
Aly Zimmel
Aly Zimmel Application Developer
Linh Ament
Linh Ament Application Developer
Sam McCoy
Sam McCoy Client Service Specialist