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Wake up and Smell the Blog! Everyone’s Doing It!

  • by Lanex
  • February 4th, 2013

With the number of blogs on the internet reaching into the millions, you may be saying to yourself, “what’s the point” “won’t I just be another number” “who’s going to want to read my blog anyways”. And with thousands of new blogs popping up each day, it may seem like an impossible number to stand out in. However, for organizations with a client base, it may be easier than you think.

Some individuals use blogs as a personal soap box – chatting about politics, private endeavors or what they had for dinner last night. While this application of the blogging platform may appeal to some readers, it is far from where your business/company blog should be. Think ‘news worthy’! Your blog should consist of mini, relevant articles that are deemed informational. NO ONE wants to read a full-page advertisement! Blog about something interesting such as current trends in your industry, helpful tips or common issues.

Blogs should be targeted and tailored specifically for your target market. They should be informational and have the ability to stand alone. These platforms should be thought of as just another extension of your business a form of print collateral, if you will, aimed at serving your clients.

When developing your blog, you may want to designate one individual from your organization to write or proof all blogs. This will ensure the over-all tone of your blog posts remains consistent. Speaking of consistent, If you say you’re going to produce a monthly/weekly (whatever the case may be) post, please please please ACTUALLY do it! There is nothing worse than having a live blog with one or two posts from last quarter.

May I also suggest using an online newsletter, such as Constant Contact to drive clicks to your blog. You may post the same articles from your blog to your newsletter, send it off to your email list and watch your site visitors’ increase. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Spam Act prior to commencing your email campaign. Providing ‘link text’ or ‘hyperlinks’ on social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, My Space, LinkedIn, etc is also an effective way to drive readers to your blog.

Some important things to remember while blogging:

  • Be Informative
  • Be Consistent
  • Be Relevant
  • Be Creative

So if you’re an organization on the verge of blogging, wake up and smell the coffee! This perhaps one of THE most economical ways to gain exposure!

Stay tuned to learn about the benefits of blogging and how to incorporate SEO!