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Knowing Your Audience for a SEO Campaign

  • by Lanex
  • April 3rd, 2013

A website can have a helpful, neutral or harmful impact on an organization. How your website impacts your organization depends on several factors. To be effective in today’s competitive environment your website needs to address the needs of two critical audiences.

The first audience is that of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Why is the search engine listed as your first target audience? If your website does not effectively perform in the competitive environment of search engine listings your site will not be effective for your intended audience, that of your website visitors.

Your website also has to be effective in engaging your intended audience, that of your website visitors. For this to happen you need to attract the right visitors and provide the visitor with content that grabs and holds their attention. This is done with an attractive and professional web design and well-crafted content.

Fortunately at a fundamental level your goals and that of a search engine results page are largely aligned. For a search engine to be effective and profitable it needs to deliver relevant results to its users. If they consistently deliver search results that are too broad or not relevant they will lose users to another search engine.

SEO is designed to deliver your target audience to your website from search engine queries. How this is done is an ever-evolving art as there are hundreds of algorithms (sets of rules and evaluations) that search engines use to determine what website pages to list in the results pages and the location in the list of each of those results. Lanex has the tools, energy and experience to assist you in the critical task of getting your fair share of relevant visitors and ideally more than your share. A well-crafted SEO program can deliver a larger share of web visitors than your market share would dictate. Any organization with a commitment can outdo their competition in website performance.