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SEO: Staying Cutting Edge in a World of Change

  • by Lanex
  • May 4th, 2013

Understanding current trends and knowing when to follow these trends is a crucial part of any marketing effort. In the internet world SEO has become not only a trend but a necessity. Google is constantly changing its algorithm, the mathematical formula used to calculate search engine ranking, and it’s almost impossible to know their exact formula. Subsequently, we must attack the matter of optimization strategically.

One must first recognize that the element of optimization is composed of multiple facets. Some of these facets include:

  •  Content Content CONTENT – Not everyone may consider themselves to be a ‘writer’. However, this is an essential element when considering your success in search engine ranking, so if you’re not into writing, pass it onto a colleague or hire someone to do it for you. In this case, the premise that ‘more is better’, absolutely applies to your success – with the understanding that your content MUST be relevant and contain keywords related to your product or business.
  • Meta Tags – Search Engines will use these ‘properly named’ tags to categorize your site. These will not boost your search engine ranking, but appropriate categorization is vital.
  • Submission of a Site Map – This is something you should do, no matter the size of your site. This will ensure that Google or other search engines know of all your pages.
  • Image Labeling – Use ALT tags to label your images. This will assist in directing traffic, related to your keywords within the tag, to your site.
  • Page Titles – This is quite possibly the simplest of notions when it comes to SEO. Labeling your pages correctly will give search engines a broad overview of what each page is about. Essentially, consider your website as an outline, page titles being your categories, meta-tags being your subtitles and your content being your central message.

Although there is still some debate as to what is actually accounted for by Google in terms of optimization, it is generally accepted that these key elements are specifically related to their algorithm. If you are working with a marketing organization or a freelancer to assist you in the optimization of your website, it is important they understand the crucial elements of an all-encompassing Search Engine Optimization campaign.

Happy Optimizing!